cyber security

Pegasus – A threat to your Privacy

What is Pegasus? It is a type of malicious software or malware classified as a spyware. It is designed to gain access to devices, without the knowledge of users, and gather personal information and relay it back to whoever it is that is using the software to spy. Pegasus has […]

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Basics of Cyber-Security

Recently I’ve been getting barged with calls from unknown numbers often ending as a nuisance from the other side. Result? Blocked.  I wasn’t very aware of all this cyber security stuff because no one ever explained it to me properly. The small tid-bits that I got was often from here […]

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INTRODUCTION Cyber ​​crime can be termed as illegal use of the internet and computers. Computers can be victims of crime or be used as a criminal weapon. This crime has become a regular part of our daily lives. Every day one person or another becomes a victim of cyber crime. […]

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