Day: May 4, 2020

Adult education in NWFP, Pakistan

by Sultan Muhammad Introduction: Education is the backbone in development of a nation, With Education, nation identifies it self in the nations of the world. Education give power and respect to small countries and enables them to control over its economy, with education one can conserve it resources in a […]

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Floral Diversity

Preliminary Results on the Impact of the Nomadic Grazing on Floral Diversity in Miandam, Swat-Pakistan Ashiq Ahmad Khan and Syed Kamran Hussain 1. Introduction Miandam is located in the north east of district Swat, lies between 34o 34′ to 35o – 07′ N latitudes and 72o – 36′ to 73o – 35′ E longitudes in […]

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Day Three – Panel

The last part of the panel session was about the Future of learning 2027:Generic off-the-shelf products are no longer in vogue and businesses have moved out of the tertiary organisations. \”The only sure thing is that things will change\”. There may be holographs accessed via smart cards as learner needs […]

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