Day: May 20, 2020


PLEs I found a really interesting podcast by Graham Attwell describing and discussing the idea of personal learning environments (PLEs) where students can build up their own online learning tools using the Internet e.g. Wikipedia, blogs, discussions, online journals to create their own learning landscape. They have come about to get away from controlling learning […]

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3 Ways to Step Up Your Study Routine

Here are a few ways you can adjust your routine to make your studying both more productive and enjoyable. I find it is easier to be more efficient at studying and doing my classwork when I stick to my study routine. When I have a plan, I have a purpose and it’s […]

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Evaluating authentic mobile apps for learning

Back in April 2013 I delivered a workshop at the IATEFL 2013 conference in Liverpool. The topic of the workshop was \’Criteria for Evaluating Web Tools and Apps\’ and in the workshop I encouraged participants to share and explore their subconscious criteria for deciding which apps and web based tools […]

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