Day: May 18, 2020

FLLinNZ meeting

Our planning session for the Flexible Learning leaders in New Zealand planning meeting all the 1st and 2nd round FLLinNZers gathered at Wiapuna Hotel at Mt Wellington, Auckland. We started with a warmup and a discussion of what we are expecting from the third round of funding and any issues. […]

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Learning about Clinicals: Ask an ASN grad

We asked former Herzing nursing student Shenese Stewart about her clinical experience and what other nursing students can do in order to be successful Your first clinical externship can be daunting, but it’s also exciting. You’re ready to get to work in the field, but it’s normal to feel a […]

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Managing behaviour in the digital age

If you ask most teachers, especially newly trained ones, what one of the biggest challenges of teaching is, they would probably say managing student behaviour. Especially as class sizes grow and more students are bringing along potentially distracting digital devices, making sure you are keeping students on task is becoming […]

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