Day: May 19, 2020

Quality education and learning

In a discussion today at work about quality processes I remembered the model of education which has been successful for Athabasca university in Canada. Their enrolments have increased many fold because people can enrol for gap courses to complete qualifications they are taking at other universities etc. Also students can enrol any […]

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More stuff about quality

This picture shows the damage done to the road when the Water of the Leith got out of control in the May 2006 floods. I took this on a sunday walk with the dogs. This illustrates for me that \”Quality is about preventing damage in education,not about fencing it off […]

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Which Healthcare Management Concentration Should I Pursue?

The first step to a rewarding, successful healthcare management career is choosing the right concentration. Healthcare management is becoming an increasingly attractive career option for aspiring healthcare professionals. Not only does a degree in healthcare management offer strong job security, it’s also incredibly versatile, preparing graduates to work in a variety of healthcare settings, […]

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