E-learning boon or bane

Nowadays, there is an increase in trend of distance learning. Several people believe that this method has a total of positive impacts and it will alter conventional education while others say that argue that it is impossible to eliminate brick and mortal classroom.

To begin with, there are some advantages in attending virtual classroom. First and foremost, learning via internet is time-saving for both students and schools. For example, students can learn anything and anywhere provided that they have computer connecting the internet. In terms of teachers, they can deliver a lesson to all classes by video instead of teaching the same things again and again. Secondly, online education saves costs for country. For instance, schools can reduce overheat costs or decline budget for investing on facilities since expanding campus is not necessary. In addition, e-learning provides opportunity for people who live far from university. The fact shows that many residents in remote rural area still have chances to achieve degree thanks to this advanced technology.


On the other hands, face – to – face learning plays an integral part in education. Firstly, interactive learning is more effective than online learning. In detailed, when discussing about one topic, teachers can give some feedback for students to make sure that they understand all their mistakes and improve these errors. Moreover, studying under supervision motivates students to learn hard. Due to the fact that there are a huge number of students who are lazy and not self-awareness is learning, it is essential for them to have tutors who control students’ studies and help them have good academic results.


In conclusion, although there are a bunch of positive influences which online learning brings, I strongly believe that traditional education is a good teaching method which is irreplaceable. It not only helps students have more interaction with classmates but also provide them an environment to improve skills and learn new things together.