Junk this food

One of the most doable memory of everyone’s school life is the joy of hearing the arrival of those hawkers and peddlers selling spic & spicy snacks and mouth watering sweets.

But it’s a thorny pricky fact too, tgat due to the consumption of all these flavor boosters or mood swingers, our lovely little Angels are sitting and playing in the lap of deadly diseases known to all as obesity and food poisoning.

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Throughout the developed world, with every passing second, with every single tik-tok of your clock, obesity is becoming a grave problem. Many greybeards are offering a suggestion to confort this issue i.e. debarring those unhealthy food (read junk) hawkers from entering the school premises. This way one can stop them to lure the Little education seekers towards theirnasty and unhygienic snacks.

This cumbersome suggestion needs to be executed in a well planned manner. Firstly, teachers and proffs are needed to make students aware about the fact that rather than helping in growth, that delicious looking all sort of mouth watering snack is harmful for their well being.

Just like every thing has two sides, one good and another dark and pitch black, similarly one can say that all this of shunning and restricting sort of stuff’s not good. Thinking as a child, by banning the presence of hawkers , you are basically denying the children of enjoyment (which they think is their birthright). Or, at worse the schools may resemble an Olympic size swimming pool filled with tears of those little Angels.

All and all, instead of a strick prohibition, a regular monitoring of street vendors can be done to ensure that the snacks they’re offering are not stale or made in unhygienic way. Many other diamond solid steps should be taken to ensure that the youth of your nation mustn’t fall in the hands of the demon of diseases like obesity and food poisoning.

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