The Truth of the Sophisticated Life @2020

Literature the mirror of the society. India refers to the country of the literature. In India the earlier works of literature was orally transmitted. Sanskrit literature begins with the oral literature of the Rig Veda a collection of literature during the period of 1500-1200 BCE. The Sanskrit epics Ramayana and Mahabharata appeared towards the end of the 2nd millennium BCE. In India literature was not only limited to the language Sanskrit but it was spread as the Hindi literature all across the world and gives the frame to the Indian literature. The literature that was based on reality, the literature that portrays the life of normal peoples of the country, the literature that shows the tradition, culture and beliefs of the Indian society.

 India is the fusion of many cultures, traditions, languages, festivals, beliefs, customs etc and this was only shown in the great ancient Indian literature which was popular all across the world. That literature portrays the life of the Indian villages. It’s Simplicity, its innocence; it’s down to earth nature. That literature represents the life of the ordinary peoples, their struggles, their challenges. Indian literature is very ancient it is coming from the times of rishi, minis and will last forever because of its reality. That literature teaches us the real meaning of our life, teaches us the ways to live your life happily in the amount of materials you have. That literature allows us to meet from our inner self, form our reality, from the reality of the country and even many old television shows was based on this only.  Earlier television used to be the face of the society, the face of the reality. The show of the doordarshan allows us to relate the instances of the shows with our surroundings but now the time has changed.

Today everyone is running for the money, frame and for the life of glamour which takes them out from the real world. Today people just want to become famous; they don’t love the lives of simplicity, the life near the nature. Everyone wants to fulfil their needs by destroying environment. Now they don’t love those farmlands where they have spend their childhood, today’s children’s want the video game in place of those gilli danda, in place of their traditional outdoor games like kabaddi, kho-kho and many more which was also responsible for their healthy lifestyle and this might be the reason the literature is also changed . Today the children’s love the fiction stories, fictious world in place of their traditional literature which gives the sense, the sweet smell of their soil.

When come the difference between fiction and nonfiction i.e. reality Joseph Salvatore, Associate Professor of writing & Literature at The New School in New York City, says

I teach a course on the craft, theory, and practice of fiction writing, and in it, we discuss this topic all the time. Although all of the ideas and theories… are disputed and challenged by writers and critics alike. I’d say there are some basic components of fiction.

Fiction is just based on author’s imaginations and that what he/she wants readers/viewers to do just imagine and this is what happening in today’s world where children are following the fictitious superheroes like superman, ironman instead of the real superheroes likes Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam etc.

Today people are liking the supernatural movies, shows and stories instead of the real stories and this is the reason that the story of the struggles of the real hero in not liked by the people because they want the stories of the visual hero’s with their powers and with all thei

They are not ready to face the tough situations, the challenges of their life and this is what happening everywhere. Now no one likes the story of the normal boy who faces lots of struggles and takes India to the world of space, who takes ISRO to the impossible space research organisations to Indian Space Research organisation, who just vanish the word impossible of the field of space research in India. Now a person wants a story of the superhero that does all its work just by moving their hands or by using its power and that is the reason everyone wants to become superman and ironman.

It’s not the thing to just sit and just writing an article or just having a discussion, it’s the topic to think where we are today, it’s the topic to realize the need of an hour i.e. to come out of this virtual world and accept the reality, the reality of life. It’s not the time to just think it’s the time do the action, it’s the time to realize what we have done to our planet, it’s the time to realize that we have to fight for our rights, we have to face each and every challenges of our life and we only have to come out of it no superman will come with her powers to protect us. We only have to wake up and go through the road of success and we only have to defeat every difficulties of our life. “We are only responsible for every good or for every bad thing, we are only responsible!!