Technology has been both a boon and a bane for us, we completely rely on technology and the machinery for almost everything be it cooking, cleaning or even passing some free time (leisure).

We have become quite dependent on it and look forward for further technological advancements in the near future. Most of us have started criticising technology for the leisure seeking beings it has made us into, specifically mobiles and laptops, we do enjoy each and every component of technology but somewhere or the other are uncomfortable with the drastic changes it has made in our life.

Techno-utopianism or technological-utopianism is a theory which states that technological advancement will lead to a world of perfection which is free from any kind of flaws or will lead to a world where mankind will find all or any one of the prefect pleasures which life has to offer.

In a techno utopian society which is free from human suffering, humans would be exposed to the best features be it excellent governance for the people or a life which is human friendly, a world free from the pangs of human pain and all the favourable and pleasure seeking components.

Technology is viewed as a saviour and as the life changing development, technology will give the people of the new world a positive outlook and it will be the final game changer and a hope towards a hassle free future. Technology would be worshipped and will be given a positive outlook, be it new developments in various fields like economic development or developments catering to the societal wants or even technological development which makes life much easier to live. The development would be seen in all spectrum that is social ,economic or philosophical areas.

Currently in the twenty first century we are still developing and currently in a stage where we have a long way to go to become completely technologically dependent, we are currently exposed to the least amount of technological resources and we live in the age where a technological revolution is taking place and we can partially say that we are living in a techno-utopian society in the twenty first century.

Technology will be seen as a benediction which would foster growth, fulfil peoples’ wants and will cater to better communication and will strengthen community ties. Due to the technological advancement one will be able to free themselves form the squabbles, the commotion and the tumult which the daily life offers. It will strengthen societal ties and increase the relation between humans (communities).Technology has brought people closer, we have been able to connect with people overseas via video calls and phone calls and other applications.

The one point which is super advantageous is that it will reduce financial inequalities amongst people and will also aid in access to better skills and knowledge, people will be free to express their thoughts and views without any inconveniences. Techno utopianism will eventually change mind sets, we will become open minded human beings and we will also become practical decision makers.Already our lives have become more easier with devices that do our works with just a few clicks be it mobiles, laptops or even the smart T.Vs.

But many critics feel that we will never be able to reach a stage where each idea is fulfilled to call ourselves a techno-utopian world. As to achieve techno-utopianism in a  society which is still developing or underdeveloped it’s an impenetrable and inflexible task. As firstly all the countries don’t have the same requirements, some still hardly have any technological advancements and even if they are exposed to the advancements it would take time for them to adapt themselves in such a techno-savy  society.

Further as new technological inventions are taking place we are looking forward to drastic changes which would just turn the tables and we would be living a smart life with the smart use of super technological devices and advancements.

Abdhi Upadhyay

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