A tale of misuse of power

These days the age-old quote might makes right, rings true throughout the world. In every nation, the vile fruit of corruption has ripened. We have recently seen, protests about the massive misuse of power police have done in the US. However, it is not the case in just America, but rather every country in the world. But simply implying that the police have excessive power, cannot be true as the problem runs way deeper. Various cases of misuse of power arise due to the lack of accountability. None go more unchecked than when the political party has more influence than the opposition.

Like the case in India, where BJP has nigh invulnerability when it comes to misuse of power. Due to their opposition either being weak, or having lost the trust of the people, the BJP of today has seen a tremendous rise in power. And with a charismatic leader like Narendra Modi to lead them is just cherry on top. This makes it easier for the member of affiliates of the party to misuse their power for their own gain or to silence their enemies. Even the news that should be holding them accountable is either bought or silenced. The few who do report on them, a majority of them have ties outside of India and have been known to have worked against India in the past. All of this has put our motherland in a vulnerable situation right now. Thus, here we see that a single party gaining major influence can be a deterrent for a well-functioning democracy. Modi as been termed as borderline tyrannical by many a foreign news experts. However, this is not just the case in India, even in other nations such situations and problems have arisen. Take the example of USA, now a republican dominant country. Ever since Trump came into office with his motto of make America great again, many within the country feel like it has been anything but so. Many a times we have seen Trump blatantly showing his racist, misogynistic and overall apathic side, but due to less accountability he has had a free rein since the start of his term. He has often been seen slamming his opponents the way bullies do, name calling and spitting false facts. In fact, should a group or a person be in Trump’s good books, he has been seen going to any lengths to take their side. He has repeatedly referred to the charlotsville racists as “good people”, even defending people who have done reprehensible deeds just because they were associated with his image. He even goes as far as concocting conspiracy theories around people who stand up against him. The conspiracy theory actually makes a lot of sense once you delete your sense of empathy and humanity. Once you view your political opponents as soulless automata whose only purpose and motivation is to damage your personal agenda, you can easily believe that they’re going to risk death just to damage your political position. It’s just a more extreme version of an authority figure seeing a civilian’s every movement as a threat — once you stop viewing people as other humans with lives and aspirations and concerns and ONLY as opponents whose prime agenda is to hurt you, you will believe they will seize any opportunity to attack you, even at hopeless detriment of themselves. If you view their lives as not valuable, then you’re willing to believe they will unthinkingly trade that low value life for the privilege of threatening you. That’s how prejudice works. The same has also been seen in case of India’s ruling party

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