Will India have SUPERPOWERS like USA?

The world is almost ruled by powerful countries like USA, China, Japan, Russia etc. and its none of the wonder that developed countries are helping as well as exploiting the developing countries. Developing countries like India, Pakistan, Srilanka and many more… are mostly dependent on the developed countries, but the biggest question arises will India be list of the superpower countries by 2050. The answer would be yes, but unfortunately due to pandemic situation that number will rise to 2055-2060 because India faced a major setback due to this and also India build a strong relation with other countries with help of our respected Prime Minister sir. Let us look out which factors are going to help to build a nation with superpowers:

1- Economic growth

Chinese economy is based on foreign investment, while India is growing based on a more local economic sector. So if we look in future i.e. after 30-40 India will overtake as it is very slow process. We know very well that many MNCs have begun to invest tremendously in India and has started to rely on Indian engineers for their next generation products. Companies like GM, Boeing, Motorola and many others have begun to build their Research and Development facilities and Asian headquarters in India. They see more potential on Indian market. If India is able to maintain this steady growth, it can definitely become 2nd largest economy by 2050.

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3) Military power

India stands on 4th rank in terms of defense with the budget of 54 billion $ and 13L+ army man. India has a total of 2,102 aircrafts and a naval strength of 295 and is ready to tackle any military emergency. India is gaining new technology and ideas from world and also our DRDO is working very efficient like wise India adopted 5th generation fighter plane from Russia and Defense Drone technology from USA and other technology too from Israel. Therefore if India increases the defense budget in next 3-4 decades, specially in Air force and cyber and New technology than India definitely can handle any worse situation.

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3- Diplomacy and international relations

India’s Diplomacy is standing at a good potions no matter still there are many internal disputes but in the eyes of world India is at a better place. India is able to maintain relation with foreign countries in a stable and steady manner which will ultimately help the people of India. In the coming years India will be able to maintain permanent seat in UN Security Council which will be biggest achievement in diplomatic point of view.


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4) Population

India has highest number of fresh minds, they are handled correctly with innovative and interesting education system than none of the country can stop India to be listed in top 5 countries. Youth is the biggest asset of India and no other country has this much amount of youth in their population. In the coming years, some of the strong nations of the world will face problem of decrease in populations and this will lead to, a decline in workforce, India will face no such problem.

India’s education system need to be modified a bit and student instead of memorizing theories, they should be taught to learn and understand the concept. The subject related to entrepreneurship should be added at early age so that they get knowledge of business at early age which would help them and ultimately help the nation.


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5- Science and Technology

India has greatest potential yet to be showed to the world in the field of science and technology. New and new startups are evolving around us day by day and that will help a lot. Our scientist proved that India can even complete the mission on a budget of bollywood movie. India is also 4th country to land on the moon. India is emerging slowly in the field of software and will create a great impact in the near future.

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