Drive My Car: A Short Story

In this short story collection, all of the seven men are immensely curious and on the basis of their curiosity, each story moves forward. In the first short story, ‘Drive My Car’ the protagonist is a veteran actor who lost his wife to advanced uterian cancer. Kafuku, the curious widower has been living his days seeking for answers for his dead wife’s infidelity. He has been in love with her for twenty long years to the extent where he knowingly ignored the four affairs his wife had been in, after they both lost their three days old child at the hospital. He finds solace in the company of the female driver whom he hires, even though he had always been doubtful of women drivers. He loses his beautiful wife but he can’t lose the thought of she making love with her colleague. He ends up meeting her last partner, after her death. Kafuku befriends him in order to find a fatal flaw which he would use against him as a way to punish him for sleeping with his wife. Only he couldn’t. He couldn’t punish the other man. He lets the other man go. But, curiosity doesn’t leave Kafuku.

Haruki Murakami is one of the most popular bestseller authors across the globe. All of his works are his masterpieces, his words keep the readers hooked to the story until the very last. He got immense popularity with his novel, The Norwegian Wood, a gem of a book. He is not only a bestseller in his native place but also a bestseller all around the world. He has done an excellent work with his novel, Men Without Women. He has completely hypnotized the readers with his magic words and beautiful minute details. The book has seven tales of seven different characters, bound together only on one point – the lack of one woman in their lives. All the protagonists are male, and their lives are halved and they are left lonely without women.

The entire plot of the short story revolves around curiosity. Murakami, through his narration, brought out the nature of every character present in the story. You definitely should read the story, to understand the depths of human mind. Their are many intricacies in human mind, and Murakami miraculously excels every single time with his extraordinary words, and a sense of getting deep inside the reader’s thoughts. He brings out the rhythms to the heart’s music, and plays it, according to his convenience. We read, what he writes for us, in a way that our desires get fulfilled. It is extremely hard to put down any work of Haruki Murakami, before finishing. But, the most beautiful part of reading Murakami’s works are, you can read them as many times you want, but every time you open the page to the same old story, trust me, the words would speak differently to you.

In my opinion, the universe would become a sad but happy place, if you read the short story, ‘Drive My Car.’ It is one of a kind, which provides you with a sense of calm, yet holds your attention until the very last, and even then, you would wish the story to continue, you would wish to know more about the characters, and you stay oddly unsatisfied yet satisfied with the story.