Businesses that are majorly affected!!!

In the pandemic situation where the world seeks a miracle of vaccines, there are many business that came to halt or even they are going to be shut soon. Currently the major task of ours is to stop the spreading of corona virus. It is wisely said “If there is Health there is Wealth”. First we need to cope up with the pandemic situation and then business can be again built, if we stay alive.

CNBC Global CFO survey says that 40% of the business are facing the problem in transportation of the goods and it is expected that it would take more 5-6 months to start and run normally (25% of them said 6 months and other would take a long than that).

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 “Nobody knows. The economic issues are totally driven by public health issues. You tell me how long we will be at home and I will tell you how long it will take for the economy and supply chains to recover.”

-words of Yossi Sheffi, Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. Yossi Sheffi further says, if we want to build our business again as soon as possible than there is only one way out to do this and that is to join the war again corona virus and defeat it as early as possible, this epic war is started by many of the companies with their different types of help they can provide, like wise:

  • Auto manufacturers like Tesla and GM motors are providing ventilators to the hospital.

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  • Apple and Facebook are the largest in supplying protective mask in the U.S.
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  • HanesBrands in contract with US federal government has decided to make cotton mask when the use of N-95 mask will be minimum. They decided to make 1.5 million mask weekly, and further if needed can go upto 5-6 million mask per week.
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The supply chain is completely disturb there is over manufacturing as there is no one to load and unload the trucks. Border shipping is still allowed but shipping through overseas it still a major concern. There will be also huge disturb in supply chain of for pre-planned Indian weddings, as now weddings are postponed or might be done in simple way, the business related to it like party plots, wedding photographers, ca tress, decorators, wedding materials, transportation, apparels and even small-small business related to it. A single event covers many business so all the business are affected largely.

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The business of theater and restaurant are also at halt, which may cause a major set back as there are many of the workers working in restaurant it self. In film industry too many of the workers are engaged.