Meditation: A happy pill to your life

In our lives we are surrounded by a lot of tensions of our career, of our studies and recently we are really stressed about global pandemic (Covid-19). So in this stressful time, it is necessary to keep your mind and body, calm and healthy. So one of the best way to cope up with this is Meditation.

Meditation is the practice of thinking deeply in silence to make your mind calm and peaceful. Through meditation you are able to reduce and manage your stress level. Meditation is just like other relaxation techniques like yoga and deep breathe which activates your body relaxation response. It boost your feeling of happiness and calmness. Regularly doing meditation increases your ability to stay cool, calm, and composed even if you have a lot of pressure.

According to researches, doing meditation also benefits our mental health. It decreases depression and increase the positive emotional state. It also increases the ability to deal with unavoidable stressful condition.

Doing meditation relaxes our body, it leads to active growth of positive mental skills such as affection, kindness, sympathy, tolerance and energy. It increases the creative level of our mind. We are able to do things better if we regularly do meditation.

It is necessary to perform meditation in a quite place, as effective meditation should be free from any distraction. Meditation also have a positive effect on our health, while doing meditation our heart rate and breathing slows down, usage of oxygen becomes more efficient and it normalise our blood pressure. If you are doing meditation regularly, your immune system also works well. Meditation enchances our attention span and increases positive thinking. It is very effective in reducing stress so, it is used in treatment of the prevention of many stress – related conditions. According to a study of Haward University, Meditation alters the chemistry of brain and increases positive emotions. It also shows that meditation has improved the lifestyle of many people suffering from stress related conditions.

In our lives we are surrounded by lots of tension, anxiety, stress, so it is necessary to start meditation. Even if you are happy and don’t think that you are suffering from any kind of stress then also do meditation. As we know that, meditation will also help in reducing many health related issues and also help you to be calm, reduce your anger issues.

So start meditating, it will really help you to live a happy, peaceful and disease-free life.

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