Dear- Indian education system…

Dear Indian Education System… I have decided to take a huge step, But, before that, you guys need to know a lot of things about me. I used to score amazing till std 10th when I scored well, leave alone my parents,  all my friends, neighbors, shopkeepers…  Even the watchman of my building started to say ” You are going to take Science. You will be an engineer” no. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t dislike Science.  Science is beautiful science is the ultimate truth but when I came in Std 10th the half-interested teachers in my school and coaching institute didn’t teach Science at all!  All they taught was how to solve maximum number of MCQs in a given time, like a robot that killed the beauty of Science sir.  And that Physic’s topper of my class  He didn’t believe that evolution actually happened  He just wanted to solve maximum number of MCQs  So much obsession with Science.

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India hasn’t won a single Nobel Prize in Science  Since Independence  Nobel Prizes are just “awards” , you’ll say  India produces the maximum number of engineers per year  Yet, India ranks 60th  in the Global Innovation Index that means no major innovation has happened since Independence, all we keep saying is “Aryabhatta invented Zero” to be honest, after 10th, I wanted to study Physics, Graphic Designing, Coding, History, Music and English Literature Why couldn’t the evaluation of my intelligence and calibers be on the basis of these subjects?  Why should’ve I wasted my time studying subjects I didn’t want to study?  So, I left the damn coaching institute, used to get out of my home during coaching hours and used to read novels in the park, see new places to be honest, I felt free It felt good not to be a zombie I learnt graphic designing on my own  I listened to some beautiful music by Mozart and Rahman  I read Poetry, I taught myself Python, and I read some amazing write-ups  on various topics of Physics  I am taking a huge step.  I am dropping out no not because Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are drop-outs, not because being a “dropout” is cool, and neither it is because of the frustration of failing.

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Dear Indian Education System I am dropping out simply because you do not make any sense and now, you’ll ask me, who will give me a job?  Who will feed me?  I believe somewhere somebody is there who’ll see my skills. Will value my creativity.  Who will value my intelligence, not my CGPA Yes, I failed. but I know there is a lot to do, observe, and learn only my marksheet says that I can’t do anything but I know I will do something good.


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