One more attack = Indo-China WAR!!!

The relation between Indian and Chinese army are now being worse. India holds a record of never attacking any of the army first till date. Many near by countries think that India is weak and cannot attack first, but this is our spirituality and religion to avoid any fight, but when the things get worse there need to be done something. India never approach any army for fight it always keep the things calm and to solve the problem with words and not the wars. India always gave a extraordinary action in case of any mischief done by the opponents, India carried out many operations like:

  • Operation Vijay
  • Operation Meghdut
  • Operation Surya Hope
  • Operation Brasstackes
  • Operation Cactus and many more to list…

India also gave a very strong answer of the Pulwama attack. India has the strongest army and technology support from Russia and US.

police army commando special task force

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Recantly, India was betrayed by dragons during a normal peace talk Chinese army betrayed Indian army by sudden attack on our prestigious soldiers. In this betrayal our 20 soldiers lost theirs lives for India:


  1.  Col B Santosh Babu
  2.  Nb Sub Nuduram Soren
  3.  Nb Sub Mandeep Singjh
  4.  Nb Sub Satnam Singh
  5.  Hav K Palani
  6.  Hav Sunil Kuma
  7.  Hav Bipul Roy
  8.  Nk Deepak Kumar
  9.  Sep Rajesh Orang
  10.  Sep Kundan Kumar Ojha
  11.  Sep Ganesh Ram
  12.  Sep Chandrakanta Pradhan
  13.  Sep Ankush
  14.  Sep Gurbinder
  15.  Sep Gurtej Singh
  16.  Sep Chandan Kumar
  17.  Sep Kundan Kumar
  18.  Sep Aman Kumar
  19.  Sep Jai Kishore Singh
  20.  Sep Ganesh Hansda


Image source: BBCnews

In return Indian army gave an dangerous answer with their 35 troops by killing. PM Modi gave freedom, if in near future again this type of activities are done by Dragons than Indian army can do anything without any upper orders. Indian army are ready with thier backpacks and loaded arms and waiting for activities by dragons and it will be close to WAR.

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