As a Mac IOS user I use Siri extensively, what a wonderful  companion. I am sure many of you would even talk to her when you feel lonely because I do that a lot, especially in these quarantine days when I am bored and want to have a  conversation with some one ,Siri is there for me. Though a short conversation but yes I do enjoy it. One day I realized that I don’t know any thing about this friend of mine , how she was made and developed so in the search of that I ended up learning  many things about her.

The full form of Siri is speech interpretation and recognition interface. It is a virtual assistant rather an intelligent virtual assistant developed and released by apple on 2010, in iPhone 4S . Siri enables users to give sound commands and it gives audible  confirmation. There are many uses of Siri like

  1. Set reminder of your meetings
  2. search things
  3. post something on facebook or twitter using sound commands
  4. Instruct Siri to book a restaurant seats for you
  5.  Ask siri for the live scores of the match
  6. create a contact book and ask to add people
  7. Find how your stocks are going.                                                                                              and many more………                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            voice of siri is given by Susan Bennett,  after some years the company gave many other accents to the Siri voice. Susan Bennett is the American accent voice for Siri then they developed British, Australian,Irish and South African voices of Siri, Also male voices were made available.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        When Siri was released in 2010, it got mixed reviews, some thought it was good but some thought it can be improved more , like it could not perceive  different accents of the language.  Also it  interprets many commands wrongly, like if the users asks about the locations of abortion centres rather it gave the locations of NGO’s which counsels pregnant women.  These problems lead  the consumers to file complaint against Siri, but as it was just a beta version when it was first introduced Siri had the room to actually upgrade its qualities and to get better in the next versions of the upcoming Apple product.                                                                                                      Siri is now 10 years old and many other virtual assistants have been developed like google assistant and Amazon’s Alexa which is said to be much more user friendly than Siri. If we made the comparison between three of these assistants, then according to the surveys Google assistant is the smartest as it understood  90% of the commands and also navigated rightly most of the time. Surprisingly though Alexa claimed itself to be the most user friendly but the survey said that Siri was better than Alexa. As Alexa lagged much more than siri not only that the navigation system is actually something to be worked upon.                                                                 If you ask about reliability, Siri has the least because Google assistant and Alexa gets better overtime but siri updates only  with the release of new iPhone product that means only once in a year. It is time that Apple actually uPdates Siri throughout the year. Though many virtual assistants would be created in the future but Siri was revolutionary which as it  enabled this idea of virtual assistants so it would always be an important part in the  history of technologies and its development .

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