The SuperNova, the dreamer, the photon in a double slit and the achiever,a self-made man ~ Sushant Singh Rajput đŸ”­

A person’s death caused so many of us to become observant about the facts related to him. Where from he started his career, where did he land, about his possessions, about his family, about his relationships, about his bucket list, about his travels, about the dreams he fulfilled, how good he was as a person, about the rejections he faced, about his abandonment, about the way he was humiliated or boycotted, his interviews and what not?

Okay so imagine, you being exceptionally wonderful in your academics, cracked the engineering entrance holding a single digit rank, you get into one of the reputed colleges of your country, you are about to get your degree and you suddenly are struck by the thought of dropping engineering and following your passion although you are not sure about how successful you will be in it or will you even be able to get into that stream where you will be attacked by Nepotism. Tough decision, ain’t it? which requires alot of courage and understanding. You need to convince yourself and most importantly your family that you will surely reach heights and will not give them any chance to point out a finger at your decision. And then imagine, your family not being that good financially but you still took that decision.
You did theatres, you danced behind those famous star kids, you got a big break through a   TV series, you made a debut through a movie, you fairly did well, you gave some hits, you rejected some movies because you wanted to do a movie of your choice, you where never called to parties, you where denied the acknowledgement by your other fellow stars, you were not awarded for the movies which made crores on boxoffice, then your where boycotted not because of your skills but because of the choices you made, the movies you signed with the directors where taken away from you, lockdown hits, you are alone at your house thinking that no one tried to see the potential you got, no one tried to figure out the hardships you went through to reach where you are and people denying that they don’t recognise you. Today people are claiming that these humiliations and rejections made him fall into depression, killed his mental health, made him emotionally weak and forced him to commit a suicide?

You seriously think so? I wrote this long paragraph so that we can analyse where we are going wrong. Rejections and humiliations are a part of life and I agree that it shatters some part of you but it will never make you step into your coffin. What actually harms you is no one being around you to discuss about your problems, what breaks you is the decision that you made. You remorse about it, you are surrounded by the thoughts of what you would have been if you continued with your academics, you see yourself in dark, you get those negative feelings of you never getting a chance for any other movie because you have no godfather, people will stand against you, no one will watch your movies and so your career is finished, you failed. You let down your family, you let down your mother who was watching you from above, you could not meet their expectations, you will be bullied for your decisions because you could not become a STAR and so you finally choose to become a ⭐. Not the rejections but the repentance brings you to a situation where you just don’t have answers for those questions in your mind,   even nobody else bought you the answers and so you just want to end up thinking, you don’t want to face the cruelty prevailing outside and you want yourself out of this trauma and put a full stop to your pain.

Acceptance and dignity is what every human being craves for. Sushant Singh Rajput was not a special case. So, if his sudden demise still does not changes you, your opinions, your mindset and your choices, then that day is not far away when few among we audiences will certainly take the same step. Start respecting you near ones decision, start appreciating their  efforts, don’t humiliate them for their mistakes, give them positivity, serve them optimism, talk to them, make sure they never feel low. Stay connected because boycotting the star kids is incomplete till you start appreciating the work of the talented ones. Make sure that the journalists realise how pathetically they had put the camera on that numbed person’s face who is yet to digest his son’s loss, who is still trying to figure out where he went wrong and who is still regretting that he could have been there for his son patting his back.

We can’t have him back but we can make sure that no one else has to use ‘.’ punctuation ever in their life.

You will be the brightest among all those stars in the sky
And we will be here, gazing at you
So that you don’t have to think again that why,
those few denied of having no clue
About you!
Rest in peace dear SSR💜

Still I can’t believe that he attempted suicide. Daily something new comes up ! I am unable to move on ! Still its a question it was a suicide or a murder ?