Right to write

What makes someone like us to earn something by knowing something. Writing about the wrong things in a right way leaves us the wrong money.  writing about right things in right way and wrong things in wrong way  is only possible with one’s own choice writing good content. People start to write before they start to think which leads them to make wrong choices and lead them to make their earnings in a short-cut way by believing without seeing and writing without thinking.

It is easier to follow the below mentioned steps than climbing up the steps of your apartment.

Step 1: Start to write your thoughts or opinions in some apps like Quora or Your quote. Then think about starting a blog. Choosing the sites is not at all a problem because we are just in a prototype stage. You can create your blog in the websites like WordPress.com, Medium or Blogger. Website doesn’t matter, only content does.

Step 2:Learn to get familiarised with the options in order to make your blog colorful. Apply the themes, select the layout and try to build up the network. The main thing that you should focus on is to increase your readers and followers.

Step 3: Once you become eligible to the adsense then you can buy domain name and hosting so that you can earn money by posting the ads.

The only thing that matters is content.write to earn and earn to write. Your writing should earn you a name and earning should make your writing better. Content writing never dies even in corona break down because there is no death to creativity.  Covid-19 had effected many industries but it cannot effect the creative field because people earn by making it a topic. Covid-19, itself had became a topic for creative writers.

Content writers write about something which turns into sensation. If not so they take sensational topics like covid-19 and write about it. Either way content writers will get a topic to write irrespective of the global economy or market. The only request from my side is to write genuine content. Don’t write before you have a proof. Earning by writing is good but writing only to earn is wrong. Writing right content and earning is good. Writing matters and it effects life of others. Some people are too sensitive to hear about such and take their lives because of your lies. Don’t write lies for your earning. Earning doesn’t matter, lives matter. Earn by writing genuine content.