Wagging tails will never disappoint

I was 19 when my father brought an angel home, who seemed like a roly poly cotton candy with his cute little eyes which were blackmailing me to hold him in my arms. At first I felt little scared because equal to the size of my palm but suddenly I got used to it and now he is much more taller than me. Life is so uncertain right, it gives you such unexpected gifts which add more colours to it and makes it colourful. I never liked dogs, I was always in my nutshell busy with many things but he made me realised the true meaning of life, he taught me that their are many other things to focus on that are present around you, we human beings just need to understand their pain, give them love, feed them and just make them believe that yes human beings are nice, they are the ones whom we(animals) can rely on till their last breath.

Since many days I was confused and had no ideas for writing an article in my mind, I was always thinking that what should be that one thing which you people would love to read, what would be that one thing that will ring a bell in your mind and help you to wake up from your deep slumber and then I met him,

Brownie, who was sitting like this with his cute and sad eyes. I just couldn’t ignore him, he was wagging his tiny tail with a desire to pick him up and give him lots of love. I couldn’t help it, just did what he asked for and then we fell in love and became best friends(just kidding). He is the only reason behind this article. I am writing all of this to make you all understand that please start adopting rather than buying and if you can’t adopt them, just provide them with a bowl of milk and water. The sun is melting outside with fiery heatwaves which is making their survival much more difficult. There are people who take an initiative to help them but are not able to because our society is too self-centred that they can’t step out of their AC rooms or can’t pause their Netflix web series to check whether these helpless animals are fine or not, whether they are in some need or anything else. Thankfully this lad has been blessed with a home and a happy future but what about the others who are roaming aimlessly in search for a better survival.

This is the time guys wake up, enough of sleeping, enough of going spending loads of money on your lavish life. Get out of the reel life and come back to your real life, understand the basics of life, help the needy, wish everyone with a smile, never hurt or beat an animal, they are just like us in fact much better than us, it’s just that God has not blessed them with the right to speak and on the other hand we have everything but are still not making use of it. Think about it and be the perfect example of humanity.

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