How Jack Ma inspired me!!!

Jack Ma- every 5 years we have a review for our strategy now our strategy is always to look at the 30 years and 10 years every strategic decisions we make we have to ask one question this decision we make solve society problem because we believe the biggest social property you solved the most successful you are so if we do it this cannot solve any social problems we don’t do it second is this project is going to be successful in 10 years. If it’s it’s going to be successful in 10 years let’s do it if it’s going to be successful in one year or one month normally we forget about it because why you can be successful in one year or one month.

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We all have to put parham and 5 years ago we had a big debate about 10 years later 20 years what are the things this china society the world leave want so we say happiness and health strategy to happiness and health we believe Holly do you know the movie industry bring people happy because today nobody is happy rich people are happy poor people not happy you know at least when I watch movie after you’re happy but right. So, I think we should have partner with the Hollywood especially like a lot of you know we have a different way of living and in China the movie we have a lot of heroes but China movies heroes always dead the American me movie here will never die if all the heroes die who want to be the hero so my movie I want to make the hero live right so this is this is I think we should learn a lot and it’s all about two years so we have another eight years ago I want to make our company that it’s it’s not ecommerce it’s something that giving people inspirations given people.

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In the eBay model why about this model I told myself for is the gum set or a hat that will care about what the other people and the other thing Forrest Gump said nobody make money out of the catching whales people make money by catching shrimps so

 We serve small business or not if you want to win in business you have to think bigger than the service or product you

They also teach all the tricks all the turns all the dips all the tosses in the air did it matter as much as the experience we provided to students every person wants to feel loved every person wants to feel like they belong but they want to feel wanted appreciated validated and see and so we’ve always at our school thought bigger. We thought about they may come in for a service but they come back and they refer others because we enrich their lives we focus on the essential human needs like love like care like belonging that across cultures across demographics everybody wants to feel or experience.

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I love Jack Ma’s message thinking five or 10 years from now because what people are worried about let’s say right now for the next six months it’s going to come and go but what stands the test of time are the deep down worries and fears that we all share so if you want to have a successful business you have to think bigger than the service or product you provide because people may come to your dance school people may come to your coffee shop by random chance but that’s not what’s going to keep them there and that’s not what’s going to make them refer clients to you now I’ve got a special bonus clip for you but before we get to it today’s question is how have you been thinking small in your business and what can you do to change that to really make an impact on your customers.