A rising talented Gujju boy🥁…!!!

The highly talented brothers Neet and Divya are begin highlighted from a small town Nana Angia of Kutch district of Gujarat. The dedication and passion towards drums with kutchi folk music will no doubt make their future bright. In the age where other children are busy with their toys and TV remotes this two brothers are working on their future and making it secure with the real man toys. The support from family really matters a lot especially when father is working abroad in Nairobi, apart from that this two brothers learned it from their own just by observing the folk music groups and via you tube lessons.


Neet- a 3 years old child with unbelievable hands on dhol(drums) is blessed with amazing talent. The youngest drummer of the world is Julian Pavone at around 5 years of age but Neet with the tag of 3 years age can create a world record of youngest drummer in the world with intense hard work and dedication. With the proper training from his mother Radha D. Bhagat and support from Dhirubhai D. Bhagat will surely make him a succesful drummer.

If you’re young and talented, it’s like you have wings.

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It’s a hard thing to find something special in us but when others finds something talented and worthy that makes a sense and may change our lives forever with the support and intense hard work.

Credits:- Ekjalak.com