Let you be your ultimate master!

We all have at least one person in our life, may it be your life partner, parents, friends or whoever it is, who are always keen to take decisions on behalf of ourselves.When I say ‘decision’, it belongs everything ranging from setting your future goals to just opting the color of your outfit. And most of the time, we simply let them do it because of the emotional bond we share between them or simply because we just don’t want to hurt them. Now, in between this complicated structure we often forget that it is our valuable life that we are sacrificing. And personally, I have encountered myriads of people who definitely don’t see a wrong in it. May be they are not realizing what they are missing, that is the freedom to stand up for ourselves, or may be they just don’t care to dedicate their life to someone’s hand. With all that being said, an irrefutable question still remains: ‘do we really have to owe our entire life to somebody?’ Well, if you ask me, we don’t have to!

How do you feel to be somebody’s puppet?

This lack of self dependence is more prominent in relationships. I have seen people who ask their partners permission and consents before doing what they want to do. People might think it is the right thing to do and it has to be true since this kind of act is quite common in every relationship that you see around. But, there is an inevitable aspect that you often don’t recognize is that the things which are common in nature doesn’t have to be right always. Now, let me enlighten my point precisely. There is nothing wrong in seeking suggestions and asking for opinions but make sure you are the one who takes the ultimate decision on your matter. Being in relationships can sometimes crush your self respect, self love and dignity just with a common manifestation termed ‘adjusting’. Well, it can be good when it comes to understanding and respect others believes and values. But it should never ever possess the power of changing you. Always love the way you are and realize the fact that you don’t have to change for somebody else. You have the definite capability and power to stand up for yourselves and decide what goes best for you. Listen to yourself because self love does matter.

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