Being happy is so boring

Be brave enough to accept about the things that you don’t know. There’s nothing wrong in it. No one is perfect and everyone are in the journey of learnig. Learning isn’t is a result it’s the continuous process. Have a zeal and enthusiasm to know more. Nothing is more untill we stop learning. Admit the truth of unknown and give a try to know. Try to learn something everyday because you never know untill the moment comes. To have a great day, you need to have a great start. To have a great end you need to give a try to learn things.

No one knows everything. The thing everyone knows is something and most of the people stop learning things and start becoming dumb. Learn from kids. There’s a lot we can learn from old. Age doesn’t describe knowledge because knowledge is inevitable. Knowing to know for the sake of knowing isn’t considered to be knowledge. Learning things and applying in your daily life which make you grow along with your mates is something related to learning. Have guts to share and take the knowledge. Sharing knowledge increases your knowledge. Spirit to learn should be habituated. Try a new thing everyday. Don’t stop at the start. Start to never stop. Have a great goal. Don’t limit yourself by underestimating you. You never know what you gonna do until you do it. So learn the thing which you feel you can’t. Show to the world that you are capable of doing anything. Nothing is impossible, only thing you should do is keep in trying. Trying never leves you behind. Give a genuine try and have a hard life. If you get what you want then what’s intresting. Have a tough life so that you can deal with extraordinary things. If you get something easy then you doesn’t deserve it. Have a hard life, enjoy the process. You never know what’s next. Have a great life and try to make your life hard. Push yourself into trouble and enjoy the process of being there. Toughness isn’t a thing that is readily available for everyone. You deserve to have it. Many of them leave it in the middle and give up but struggle and push yourself. Be confident to be brave. The inky thing you should do is come out of comfort zone. Try difficult things, be different. Life is so short, so do whatever you feel you couldn’t.

Doing simple things can be done by simple people. Complicate your life, be in troubles. Troubles are easy if you feel it isn’t difficult. We feel it, that’s it. Come out of your feel and start to feel the way you don’t feel. Try everything and anything. Life isn’t the way it is, it is the way you take. Take your life the way you never wished. If you get a life what you expect the what’s so interesting in it. Take a different path and predict the unexpected.

Create your own trouble, so that whenever trouble visits you, you can take it easy. Be in trouble, let your heart ache the every moment you try to do something. Let it be nervous, let it be sad, let it be worst, let it be unsatisfactory. Feel the feelings that you never thought of feeling. Create your troubles, be in troubles, lead a tenseful life because being happy is so boring.