The good and The bad

We often judge or categorise people on the basis of there caste, colour, creed, gender and nowadays even on the basis of their region. Since the ancient times people have categorised the society into multiple categories and worked according to it, it’s 2020 and people are still not able to identify who are the good and the bad people. Let me be specific with this thing, I am talking about religion or caste, for instance: These days half of the society is against Muslims, because of some facts that I cannot mention, but why can’t they understand that a coin has two faces, and war always takes place between two people so this means that you cannot blame only one group, you can also be wrong, at least look at yourself before blaming someone else. Let me tell you some unknown facts in which Muslims have also set an example of humanity.

In Mumbai “Food- ek choti si asha” is a community led by Nikhat Mohamedy, who took an initiative to help the needy people in this pandemic and several others from different religion joined hands and came forward to help each other. Today the kitchen is serving 15,000 meals per day.

“This is about recognising the fact that we are all children of Adam and Eve, and feeding those brothers and sisters who are hungry and deprived is fundamental to expressing our humanity”, says Mohamedy.

Another example of this is when Vaishno Devi Shrine Board served recipes to Muslims housed in quarantine centres on the occasion of Eid, March 25th. The Shrine Board said that they have been providing Sehri and Iftari meals to the Muslims after changing their schedule to meet the requirement of food for those fasting early morning and in the evening.

Hindustan times

Instances like these help me to understand that we should never judge people specially on the basis of religion or caste, we should always look upon them either as a good person or a bad person. If the world is good with you, be good to the world, if it is bad just turn your back, learn a lesson and focus on yourself, just don’t be like them. It is 2020 stop judging people, stop discriminating them, stop calling them with unwanted names, God has created people but it us who have separated ourselves into various divisions and factors. Just treat everyone equally and respect everyone. Smile and greet them be it a sweeper or a rich man. Play your part and leave the rest upon them. Change your sight of looking at the world, world will change itself automatically.