You are here not to live average

I thought of doing hardwork but I don’t untill it’s required. I know that work will done before it had to be done. But if we work to gain something then it’s worth. Completing the work at the last moment for the ske of finishing it doesn’t make it done. We shoukd self analyse the things that are going to be done and introspect us while doing. Intrest isn’t something that comes suddenly. It is something that gets builded over a period of time. Doing a thing repeatedly creates Intrest once we feel intrested.

Don’t work to work. Work for something big. Dream big, think big and do big. Small things are done anyways by anyone. Focus more to become big. Push yourself atleast a bit. Have a good time to live. The only thing that you can’t control is your life because we can die whenever since it’s in our hands. Let your life be lived the way you feel. Have a nice life because it’s you who can make it happen. Thinking big isn’t bad but doing it requires something more than that. Thinking is easy because it just happens the moment you think. Making it happen is something you should think.

Achieve your aim, believe in becoming, care your curiosity, dare to be in danger, enlight the enthusiasm, forget the fear, goal to gain, hope to have, Impress your inside, add Joy to your journey and be the king of your kingdom. I thought of completing all the necessities of the adjectives of our personalities over there, but in order to make you think I am letting you think the rest and hope you start your thinking and stop it by finishing the task.

Everyone will have a goal because it’s easy to have it. But few will achieve it because it’s hard to reach there. To be someone from everyone, you have to do something that everybody will not do. Have a spirit to gain atleast something that you wished. Have guts to get what you felt. Be brave enough to face it because you are here to live only once. Don’t be shy to feel shy. Believe in yourself and behave accordingly. You are no one’s puppet. You can choose your life, but before that have a clarity. Choosing is easy but choosing correct option isn’t that easy. Life is full of choices and it’s easy to be wrong. But leading a life to realise that thing is waste of life. Don’t search for the life. Live the life that you search in your dreams. You are not here to fetch your dollars to your future kids. They can earn their money. You are here to spend your money on you. You is more important than we. Atlast it’s you who will be you and remain with you.

Don’t lead a good life when you have a chance to live best. Do what all you could and don’t make your dream to be the dream if your kids. Your dream should make them dream about their dream. Have a great relaity and live the fullest life. Let us celebrate the life.