My first earning

Do you remember the first time you earn money in your life? Well, you might be earning for so many years now, but the very first of your earning is always really something. That is exactly when your dreams start to have their wings to fly high and you feel what your worth is! May it be a small earning but it always makes you happy and satisfied. Now why the first earnings are so special to us? Is it special to everyone in general? It could be…

When I earned my first reward of my hard work, I was so overwhelmed and satisfied. It fostered a new feeling in me that I am not that bad to make myself an independent person. I realized that I was capable of doing things that I thought otherwise would be never my cup of tea. It was a very small earning but it did make a satisfaction in me. It made me realize my worth and my capability. That moment promised me that I am capable of being who I want to be. It doesn’t matter what job you do,unless you love it, and how much do you earn. All that matters is that if you are able to make yourself stable and strong. Find happiness and satisfaction in your achievements. Let all the small things in your life make you smile.

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