Being different

Starting to start that has not been started before is a great start. Have guts to innovate something. Being different isn’t doing something that exists already. Create something on your own and work on it. Don’t work on something that is something to someone. Work on something that makes you feel something.

Do it because it’s not done. Doing the undone isn’t that easy. But regular work towards something makes you feel it’s essence. Have a great thought and have a good start. Great things take time but when you are in the process of making it, the time flies. Don’t work if you feel uninterested for the next day. Have a feel to have a feel the very next day. Lead a happy life because money isn’t something that you remember. Have a happy life and do something different if you feel doing different makes you happy. Following is very easy but to gain followers is tougher. Don’t nake your life simple and easy because that’s too boring. Go and experience the unexpected and have a unimaginable life.

Being different is not that easy. The toughest time is to survive the rest. Have a faith, if you can’t believe you then why do you hope for someone to have a belief in you. You must be able to push yourself to the extent where you can be able to push others. Have confidence to gain some others confidence. Have a great thought and have a great zeal to explore the possibility of making something great.

Remember that no one remembers you when it’s time to remember someone. So make something big to have a big name. Being someone is the same thing that every one does. Dieing in downtown is so easy. Make sure to have a great life not a great day. Getting a good job might make your day a good one. Have guts to feel your gut feeling. Feel to have a great feel everyday because that’s something you will have the rest of your life. Life isn’t something you can learn in a lifetime. You have to study the new chapters that were never taught by any of the teachers. You don’t know when the syllabus changes. You have to change your colleges all of sudden. You have to play a game with yourself. If you go for a wrong move there are great chances that you end up by keeping checkmate to yourself. Life is something similar to chess. You will die the very moment you lose. Surviving there as long as you make some fixings with your opponent is how the game is played. If you go for man to man, you end up soon before your start.

Being different is so different because it’s difficult. Easy is so easy because it’s tend to be easy. Dare enough to make a dare move in your life. You will end up dieing whether you play safe or make a dare. Daring to die is better than living like a slave. Change your life because you can. Live a life that was never lived before. Loosing is easy but accepting the fact is so difficult. Die as a gentleman , if you can’t atleast try. Don’t kive just to survive. If you have a chance to create an impression of your life, then try for it. Go for something big because if you fail, there’s nothing to loose. Keep in trying, never quit. Have a different and difficult life. Anyways you will forget all the pain you had and all the gain you had, so better to have a tough one. Believe you are not that easy.