Starting new life

If I were given a chance to start my life, it would be something which I am dreaming right now. Might be, waking up early and wearing track suit, going for a walk then coming back and drinking a glass of healthy juice.I wish to put on some music and dancing on it’s beat. Enjoying a healthy breakfast with family on dinning table is the best to start the day.

I would do everything to make myself feel alive whether it’s like grabbing a cup of coffee along with a book in my own personalised garden or meditating in a peaceful environment that too designed by me. I want to just get myself lost in those things which adds spark to my life and don’t wish to have any regret later on.

A good relationship means that you are having a good life. Being surrounded with loving wife, supportive in-laws, bright kids and trustworthy friends what else I could have asked the God. not but least, I would love this lifestyle every day and thanksing god for showering all his blessings upon me whether may be if it is healthy food, relations, friends and materialistic things.