Most frightening moments


The doctor said I had three more hours.
I think I was stabbed, I don’t remember much. Nevertheless, I was at my home. I was going to take a bath. Something didn’t add up. I then woke up
I still felt the pain. Fear gripped me.
I was frightened that this might come to pass


Dogs were crying, Cricket was on peak
Ticking of clock, Subtle BREATHING
Silence EVERYWHERE, Not in my heart, it was beating, STILL postures, Pointed look of eyes, Somewhere in the air


I had never been more frightened than when I noticed I was walking alone and felt someone followed me. I hurriedly climbed the stairs with bags full of weekly groceries and went straight into the kitchen. No one are at home back home and I was expecting my father and mother in some time from their evening walk and as usual would expect the soup and salad immediately, followed with regular dinner. I suddenly felt silence all over and heard noise from my lift but ignored it. The fear wasn’t subsiding, I entered my room to safe guard myself . To my horror, It was my parents who are in the lift.


I have never been more frightened than when, I remember was a kid playing at home, my mumma was taking afternoon nap and suddenly when I opened window I saw a big cat which was about to attack me.
That dreadful and cruel look of cat is still in my mind and always reminds me of that incidence whenever I see a cat.
“Ailurophobia is now part of my life”


I had never been so frightened than the day I was standing alone among the gushing crowd of people! I felt as if I’m alone as I missed my 3 years old younger brother in the exhibition!

I still remember my promise to my aunt, “Don’t worry aunt, I will take care of him to the fullest! The exhibition might be crowded but my eyes will be fixed on him… Please send him with me!”

But now I feel like I can’t move to search for him. The feel of ‘he is gone forever’ never leaves my anxious heart! Nobody is here for me among the hundreds around me! My God! Am I still alive?

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