7 Online Business Anyone Can Start (No Scam No Investment)

Earning money has always been associated with and restricted to traditional ‘offline’ route. With the Internet taking over a large part of our lives, more people are looking to ways to earn money online to increase their financial inflows.

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However, you should be careful of the platform that you opt for. While there are numerous ways to earn money online, some of these might be fake, thus taking you for a ride. Also, do not expect to earn a huge amount quickly when using online avenues.


Teespring is a free platform that lets you create and sell over 50 kinds of products with no upfront cost or risk. We handle everything, from printing to shipping to customer service. Teespring is for everyone—from entrepreneurs looking to start their own online business, to Creators wanting to offer awesome merch to their fans, to charities looking for a hassle-free way to raise funds, and everyone in between.

Use Teespring tools like stores, promotion codes, buyer messaging, and more to maximize your sales! We can even list your products within the most powerful global marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and more through Teespring’s Boosted Network.

How do I make money using Teespring?

You choose the selling price and profit for all of your products. When a product sells you get to keep the profit. For example, the base cost of a t-shirt is $10 and your selling price is $24; when you sell a shirt you will earn $14. Once the orders are processed your profit will be available for withdrawal in the Payouts section of your Teespring account. Don’t forget the more you sell the more profit you can earn per product per month.

2- Merch by Amazon

Basically, if you have 100 t-shirts in your account, you could expect to make about … This is a conservative estimate, about $150 a month. If you have 1,000 t-shirts in your account, you can expect to make maybe $1,500 a month. If you have 8,000 t-shirts in your account, you could expect to make about $12,000 a month.

Merch by Amazon is a very cool startup type program by Amazon. It is a pod program where you can sell tshirts, sweatshirts and hoodies in USA. Anyone can participate as long as you have payoneer. For Indians, there is a 15% tax on earnings. (No wonder taxation is theft as we have to pay tax on those earnings in India as well. But then IRS are a bunch of thieves)


The designers earn royalties from the sale of their creations. They receive a percentage of the profit and the rest of the funds account for the fee paid to Redbubble and the manufacture of the merchandise. The site then handles the inventory and shipping transactions on your behalf.

The designers earn royalties from the sale of their creations. They receive a percentage of the profit and the rest of the funds account for the fee paid to Redbubble and the manufacture of the merchandise. The site then handles the inventory and shipping transactions on your behalf


One of the best features of selling classes on Udemy is the fact that it can become an excellent source of passive income. Once you create and post a course, it can earn you money for a long time without additional work. It just might take more work to market your course to potential students.

For example if a student purchases your course using an Instructor Coupon code, either from promotions to your own audience (e.g., your email list or YouTube subscribers) you can make 97% revenue share. Alternatively if the course is sold via an Affiliate, the split is 50% affiliate, 25% Instructor and 25% Udemy.


Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest marketing practice which gains affiliates a commission in the case of sale based on the affiliate’s recommendation. It is one of the cheapest and easiest ways of marketing as you don’t need to create and sell a product. Just one thing you need to do is to enable a linked connection between buyer and seller and take your commission when the sale is made.

As you see, affiliate marketing is a passive income source. It is highly competitive it is true but still it may be so easy to make money online with affiliate marketing. To be successful, you need to learn what works and what doesn’t while promoting your products.

There are many affiliate marketing works. So, you need to be patient. You can feed your website with qualified content to get high ranking positions and raise awareness, attend affiliate marketing events, seminars or webinars and join a discussion forum or online communities to meet new people. All make a great contribution to develop you. Naturally after these contributions you will be more passionate to make money from affiliate programs. If you are patient enough you will make money with affiliate programs. 


You can make money on YouTube by doing affiliate marketing, which is including links to products you review and use in your videos that will track a purchase. If someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link, you receive a small commission for the sale.

Another thing about affiliate marketing is the payout percentages as well as how these people track your viewers who are clicking on these links. Every time someone clicks on one of your special tracking affiliate links, a little cookie is put onto that person’s computer to track what they purchase. The best part about the cookies is that if you link to a specific product, they don’t have to purchase that product. Anything they purchase on that website, you get commissions for. So they could click over with your affiliate link and that cookie and decide not to purchase that, but purchase a whole bunch of other things, and you get paid commission off it.


You can still make money without a blog! In fact, you can make some major coin with the Rakuten Referral Program simply by inviting friends and family, using your social media networks to the fullest – including Pinterest – and even promoting in neighborhood groups and forums.

Have friends and family share your link. If you are saving for something special, and they feel like they can be a part of it, they will likely glady share the opportunity with their followers.

Of course, using the strategies above won’t hurt either. Pay special attention to numbers 3 through 5 and remember – have fun with it, but own it!