online business

The Era of Digital Marketing

Almost 60 percent of the world population has access to the internet, which accounts for 4.66 billion active internet users in the year 2021. With the help of internet we […]

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The impact of Social Media Influencers on Sales

The way social media influencers directly or indirectly influence publicity and promotion somehow also influence the sales of a brand. Some of the ways in which social media influencers impact sales are: 1. Help in Consumer Research Phase: Nowadays, market is mostly “consumer-oriented”. Consumers search and research, read reviews about […]

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Advantages of Online Business

With the development and growth of technology in today’s world, people go for much easier and faster ways to do absolutely anything. Nowadays everything can be easily done with just some clicks here and there. From paying your bills to shopping for your birthday, from wanting to eat a small […]

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