What an unbelievable world it is,
How shortly they modify there ‘say’
By witnessing their multisided face,
Even My dead body was in shock ‘I must say’

They came to pay my body a ‘last visit’
But they ended up to converse about my peculiarities
Too soon, that too faded away
Even my dead was in shock ‘I must say’

“My wife is not moaning enough,”
“My Kid is into the phone,”
“How much balance I have left in the account,”
Their sobs disappeared and murmur took place
Even my dead body was in shock ‘I must say’

“Who will give me the shoulder,”
“Who will perform my rites,”
They were more eager to know about it,
It seemed it meant to them a lot.
My companion was crying, my little baby was almost unaware of
By seeing them paying adieu, I broke being a rock.

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