Ankita Lokhande revealed:

Sushant started making distance with family after Riya’s arrival, refused to meet elder sister waiting outside the house

Nearly a month and a half after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, his ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande made several revelations in an interview. Ankita said in an interview to Republic TV that she was not in touch with Sushant after the breakup in 2016 but was engaged to his sisters and father.
Ankita said that she did not even have Sushant’s phone number and she was not in his touch for the last four years. Ankita said, we knew that we could no longer talk that way. Whatever was to be done is done. He was happy in his life and I was mine.

Sushant was away from family, Ankita also spoke in this interview on the distance between Sushant and his family. Ankita said, ‘Sushant’s elder sister Rani went to his house in November 2019 to meet Sushant. She was waiting outside the house, Sushant was ready to meet her but then suddenly something happened and she refused to meet.
Rani Didi told me that she felt that there was some pressure on Sushant.

Sushant never used to go against Rani Didi before this. After the death of the mother, no one can stop Didi’s talk. I was shocked to hear this because we never saw Sushant going against Rani Didi while we were together.

Sushant changed after Riya’s life,Saddened by Sushant’s behavior, Rani Didi told me, ‘I am losing my brother. Then I told them, trust God, everything will be alright. Rani Didi was worried that there was someone who was influencing Sushant, because Sushant was not a person who would come under pressure or listen to anyone. Ankita said that when Riya came into Sushant’s life a year ago, this was the time when Sushant kept distance from his family.

Sushant was living in a live-in with Riya for almost a year. On 8 June, Riya left her home after quarreling with Sushant. Sushant’s sister Mitu stated this in his statement to Bihar Police. She had also told that while leaving home, Riya had also told Sushant that she would never return. After this, Sushant had committed suicide on 14 June.

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