Research report showing corona’s effect on heart:

100 to 78 patients complained of heart damage and heart inflammation during infection, 80% started having heart problems after recovering from corona one day before
According to the researchers, oxygen is inhibited in the body due to infection, due to which the heart has to work harder to get blood to many organs. In the event of an infection, this pressure on the heart increases further, so the heart tissue starts to weaken and problems increase.

Even after recovering from corona, the effect of virus infection can be seen in the body for a long time. This is what the American Medical Association Journal’s research suggests. According to research, heart problems have been seen in 80 percent of people recovering from corona. The research took place between April and June. This included Corona patients who were healthy before the infection and were between 40 and 50 years of age.

Research done on 100 patients
According to the researchers, 100 people suffering from corona were researched. Of these, 67 patients were asymptomatic or showed very mild symptoms. Another 23 patients were admitted to the hospital. MRI, blood test and heart tissue biopsy were done to find out what effect corona has on the heart of patients.

78% of patients have heart swelling
According to researcher Claude W. Yancy, research has revealed that 78 out of 100 patients have heart damage and heart swelling. After getting the corona out of this, many things are yet to be revealed that how much it will affect the body parts in future. The more infections increase, the greater the risk of bad side-effects in the future.
The same pattern was seen in the study conducted in Britain.

Another similar study in Britain revealed that 1216 patients with corona showed heart-related disorders after infection. In 15% of patients, heart-related complications occurred which were very serious and were life-threatening.

Why is this happening
Scientists are trying to find out why the corona side effects are seen on patients for a long time. They say that the corona directly affects the lungs of patients. Due to which the level of oxygen in the body is affected. In this situation, a lot of hard work has to be done to get the blood to other organs. Heart tissue starts to become weak when there is constant pressure and cases related to heart diseases arise.

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