Real friends are fake

Every person is a friend until he wants something from you. I thought that real friends are rare but now realised that they never exist. I believed in friendship and was happy to have such friends until a day came. I never thought atleast it in a dream. I was happy being with them untill I became sad.

My friend’s friend became my friend until he became my enemy in an incident. May be I was wrong and may be I might deserve that. I thought of having a good relationship with them until a day then. No one ever tried to console me. They had their priorities until I left with none. I never cried in my under graduation but that pain of being ignored ny your true friends can’t be expressed. The pain of being ignored made me feel more than the pain that left after quarrelling.

There’s no need to share happy moments but it’s important to share your sadness with your friend. A friend should hold us in sadness. I felt alone at that moment and felt being ignored by them. I too tried to fake a friendship with them. But that never existed long. I am not like them. I feel the pain of my sorrow and as well as them. I don’t why I am feeling alone during friendship day. Till yesterday I was ok with what I feel. But all of sudden something happened to me because of my expectations on my friend. Friend never helps it’s we who hope a lot from him. Stop depending on them and start believing in yourself.

I feel like writing more and more because it’s the only thing with whom I can share my feelings. Last year this day was different. I completely believed in friendship. May be its due to my bitter experiences in life made me so. Hope someday someone make me feel what true friendship is. I don’t know why am I feeling like this that too this day. I never felt to cry while writing because I quit writing while I am about to cry. But this sorrow is making me to write more and more so as to minimise my sadness. I was always alone and felt as though I had got everything I needed untill then. Everyone will feel the same at some saturated point in your life. Friendship ends sooner or later. It’s you or the person on the other side had to leave a thread and make you fall like thug of war.

It’s not what I wrote it’s what I felt. So never try to have expectations because till yesterday bI was fine till I started thinking. If you wanna hold fake friendships then start being fake because no one gonna make you feel happy when you are sad. I am the victim of my own expectations.