Superiority of “knowing it all”

Calculating all the technicalities of what type of influencers we see in today’s society gets us to a point of being aware that there are people who are yet to do their evolvement as a rational human being because , being an influencer must teach you to be open to all sorts of learning and if there’s any learning left to do the certain influencer should be ready to do it. The “I know it all” attitude doesn’t go well with today’s influencers because everyone’s just a basic human who needs a lot of learning to do even though they’ve been seeing all types of factors effecting their work. And basically, if you get into what makes them tick, they think, “My opinion is worth more than gold in my space.” Now, they understand that they are not experts in everything but in their community, in their area, they are the ones that people turn to. Well, the key here is to create value for their community. In other words, they can’t be bought, but they can be convinced. So, they’re interested in anything that brings value to their audience. And if you can help them on that quest, on that mission, you reinforce their authority and their community, and they’re with you even though no paychecks pass hands. looking at influencers and trying to analyze what bucket do I put them in, understand that the authority works a little differently than the celebrity and, oh, by the way, it’s going to work a little differently with some of the other types that we’ll take a look at. Now, there is a third kind of influencer I like to call connectors. Even if the influencer is partly evolved he needs to be open for rational thinking and sensible learning which helps him get through hard and robust times.

If you understand that these connectors like to connect the dots, they like to create links, that’s what makes them tick. Basically then, that means you need to figure out a way to help them grow their network because they live in a network. They would look at your product and they would write papers and other people would base their purchasing decisions based on what they wrote. And at one point in time, I was actually in charge of analyst relations for one of the high tech companies I worked at. So these type of connectors and influencers are essential for today’s world and there are certain assortments in that too. You want to give them access to insider insights and to new data that they can analyze, but you don’t want to try to impose your analysis on them. They’re experts in this field. Eventually , all these connectors and influencers get through it.

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