Missing Rakhi from my sister

You never knew what you had untill you haven’t have it. I never knew that someday this day would come. I never felt sad because I was happy always. My sister never ever forget to sent Raksha Bandhan band to me. She either sent it or tied it. I never felt so sad for such things because she always sent it. But this time it was different. My sister tried her best to sent it to me but it was out of delivery or lately received. So she thought of making it to me whenever she was with me.

I had friends but very few. How could I make sisters when there exists no one whom I know. I never spoke to someone until they spoke. I never greeted someone till they do. So I have none to call me as a brother apart from my sister. That’s my fault to make my life stick to myself. Today is the only day my hand left with no rakhis. Everytime I don’t have to think about it because I had it. Almost all my friends had it even though they don’t have sisters. Everytime my sister used to tie rakhis to my friends but not now. This time it was quite opposite because my friends had it but not me. It might look like a silly thing to you, ofcourse it’s a silly thing to become sad of. Why do I feels sad ri Suh silly thing even after knowing it as a silly thing. Because ones emotions are unpredictable. We never know until it came.

I can’t stop looking at my friends rakhis because there are none on my hand. I know it’s hard to handle if you can’t get what you want. Sometimes it’s good to miss sister because it makes us think about her. Being same will always makes us bore so for a change now I am experiencing this too. I am so shy to share this writing even to my sister because there’s no way that I can make you feel the same way that I feel.

Happy Rakshabandhan to all the sisters who are reading this post because it’s the least that I could do