The Big Four: Review

The Big Four is a novel by Agatha Christie published in the year 1927 which has a very intriguing story. The action in the novel begins from the very first moment when Captain Hastings arrives at his friend, Hercule Poirot’s place. They have an unexpected guest at his place. He has some very important information to give but is killed at the detective’s very place in his absence. This is related to a case Poirot had shown interest in lately. Further some incidents occur which again point to the same case. What is in common, is the number Four.

The novel series a very consistent fight between the people who make up the four the Big Four. Everytime it seems that Poirot has got to them seem to go even farther. It has the power of science, money, criminal brain and artistic mastery against Poirot’s own brain which he famously calls “little grey cells”. There are a lot of red herrings Agatha Christie has employed in such a way that you can’t help but read along. The story is told by Hastings who has his share of adventures and a very significant part to play in the novel. For the first time you will be introduced to a relation of Poirot: Poirot has endured a lot more than in any of his novels that I have read.

Christie has employed a very revealing/unrevealing kind of story telling style. You seem to know a lot of things but yet you know nothing. At some places you are able to guess what Poirot has posed as a question to Hastings but not always is that assumption true. But at the same time I am not very satisfied with the ending of the novel. It would have been better if Christie would have given more explaination. because during the endpoint it seems to have done his action all in the background. Evan Hastings is unaware of them. Nevertheless this book is worth reading.

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