Humanity no more!…

In the dense forest of kambini national park, there lived a tigress called maya with her a year old cub zilmil. Maya was agile and strong tigress with long teeth and a beautiful pattern on her body. She ruled her territory like a queen. Zilmil was a female cub,just a replica of her mother. Maya used to teach her hunting and watch her struggle while attempting it. Both were happy together. Zilmil used to play with her mother, dance on her body and maya used to appreciate it by licking her. There was so much love in between them.
One day, hunters came into the jungle. Maya was aware of the fact that this day would come in her life for once. But zilmil was her priority. So she hides her behind bushes and goes in front. The hunter was pointing his gun towards maya. But she looked fearless. At that moment, she was not just a tigress but a mother with a fire within to protect her kid. Maya jumped furiously towards the hunter. But before she could attack, the hunter shot her down with a bullet. The hunter’s assistant asked him,’How did you do that?’. “Hunting is bread for me and enjoy killing them” he replied with a devil’s smile.
As zilmil saw her mother down in pain, she tried to attack the hunter jumping on him. But she was just a kid. The hunter grabbed her in one hand and shot her. Now both of them were down and took the final breath.
When Maya and zilmil reached the heaven, Zilmil asked maya, “What was our fault maa?” “We believed they are humans”, she replied.

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