startup-in a simple language

As you have seen above, let us explore the idea of startup in simple sense. Startup is simply coming up with a solution for earlier unsolved problems, or with a more enhanced solution than that of the solutions, which already discovered.

startups are the only way to bring up equality among all citizens, by providing equal opportunity for all of us to execute our own plans. But,I wonder!, how is it possible for all of us to make startup ? and How do they help in bringing up equality?. Cool…let’s us get into the thick jungle,slowly.

It’s really hard to come up with a whole new solution, but we definitely inherit the talent of adding colors to the existing product in our own style. This little glimpse added by us, keeps us apart from the whole crowd and paves a way full of opportunities. This is the ideology, which created a unique brand for desi chai, mobile dosa van, desi handicrafts and many more have emerged into promising brands. One thing in common is adding the local swag to every product and enriching it with our culture creates more opportunities for common man to sustain in this corporate world. There is a great necessity for all of us to promote our very businesses to the next level by analysing trends in the market and making appropriate changes for our products.

If startups have not emerged, it leads to dearth of job opportunities, in return leaves huge amount of youth unemployed. You know better, what are the problems to be faced being an unemployed ?. There is an other alarming effect of not coming up with startups. All the wealth will be not distributed uniformly and the flow of money ceases. The best example of this is one man being the fame since decades, the ambani being one of the master businessman and had occupied space in almost every area.The money directly or indirectly from a tiny village to metro city is being transferred to his account. In return, who knows the savings of ambani in banks and as well as the unliquified money in the form of valuable assets. The money from the whole nation reached heavily to one place. To disburse this money equally, it is necessary to come up with startups, but not merely with business. Because, business always cannot reward profits, but we have high opportunities to turn every startup into successful business as it has one unique feature which always helps us to be on top.

The above said format of startups are not very risky neither requires great outstanding intelligence. But, there is always necessary for bright minds to use their knowledge to discover whole new solutions for the problems not yet resolved and being haunting us since ages. There was no great amount of awareness among us regarding research, which was one of the vital base of strong startup. We are just being dwelled in struggle, striving to understand the academics, it is because of poor quality of teaching and educational practices. So, it must be our responsibility to take up new pathways by understanding the whole scenario.

we could able to create, only when we able to learn and apply what we learnt. In the process of pursuing studies by real life applications, enables us to find the gaps and new thoughts bloom in our minds to bridge that gaps. That is what innovation is..and with right vision and the ability to take it into the market makes a great startup…….however, so much glad , that most of the youth are turning towards this naya trend called startup swag…and turning their dreams into reality.