Career opportunities in Humanities stream

Taking Arts stream always seems like a tough choice and a stressful one too. You constantly doubt yourself asking whether you had made the right choice. Just like science arts also have holistic area of study and expertise all we have to do is search thoroughly and read more about

Arts stream offers a wide variety of opportunities in all kinds of fields. We usually find UPSC aspirants quite common but not just UPSC but we can also be lawyer, psychologist,fashion designers, journalists and lot more

Here are the most commonly chosen options

Union Public Service Commission aspirants

This is the most common choice of a Humanities student. Being a UPSC aspirant is the main attraction of the arts subject. Students all across India opt for political science with the dreams of being a Civil Servant. Delhi University has become a hub for UPSC aspirants and political science its main attraction. online and offline coaching are available for civil services all across India


One of the professional courses under the arts stream is that of lawyers law courses are now integrated with B A, BBA , B.Com and all sorts of new subject in order to enhance the learning. law has a lot of different fields under it ranging from Civil, Environmental, criminal etc

Mass Media

Mass Media itself covers a lot of opportunities like reporters, journalists, news readers, editors, magazine writers and lots more. Mass media is a field of great attention. Being creative can be a quick JumpStart in this sector

Fashion Designing

This field of study is quite accepting one, creativity and one’s skill and talents are to be put into use in this field. Fashion designers are widely recognised and highly paid too

Professors and Lecturers

This is is one of the commonly opted jobs by the students. Teaching in colleges have its own perks and benefits too professors are widely respected around the country, not only they command respect but they have become an icon for teaching a very skillful young Nation

Event Management

One of the recent trends in our economy is the growing tertiary sector. More and more jobs are being created in this very sector. Event management is one such emerging one. Managing events and Ceremonies by a team of well equipped and professional people has become quite common these days

Hotel Management

Food technology and food studies have become a hit among the youth. This course takes life in a different perspective and teaches you that not only classroom learning matters but learning by experience is important too.

Theater and Film Making

Some of us love the idea of stage and performing arts and where most of us fail to follow these passions is because we are afraid to take a risk, due to this we never come across its advantages and courses. We often focus on the big picture that we forget the little things.


This course can also come under a science branch too. It can also be learned as a discipline under arts too. What’s more interesting that looking at a crime from the point of view of a social thinker

There are even more courses like interior designing, international studies, linguistic expert and lots more to study.

What’s more important is to read more, Learn more and explore more.

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