The Politics over JEE and NEET

The world today is facing a Pandemic, as WHO likes to call it and this is a situation that nobody had foreseen and many developed countries saw the crippling of their systems,countries with finest medical infrastructure saw the falling of the system like a house of cards.

In such a situation worse was imagined for a developing country like India and these fears turned out to be partially correct,by using the phrase “partially correct ” I refer to the fact that while cases are on the rise and the curve isn’t seen to flatten itself in the near future and there has been excessive burden on the medical stuff,we should also acknowledge the fact that the country has successfully managed to curb the mortality rate and after months of lockdown things are starting to get back on track and people have started to live more precautionary than before.

Now,initially there was very little information available on COVID and the precautions that can help us to fight against this virus and hence it was difficult or rather next to impossible to fight against an enemy with no known weakness but gradually there was widespread awareness and people evolved to survive!,and hence the examinations that were initially postponed were finally given a date this was particularly important because the entire academic year for college students could not be halted…its only after the JEE and NEET that popular government universities release their cut offs so it wasn’t just the medical and engineering aspirants but also the huge mass of students aspiring to study from universities like the Delhi University also the fact that private universities that are often considered as back up plans of an individual were already demanding payments of fees in order to secure a seat out there…as the exams are now being conducted it would prove beneficial to the students who were well prepared and hence will crack the examination and this would also start the academic session for the freshman year. If the exams were postponed again that would probably be next year!,we know it’ll take time for corona to stop hitting the headlines right?…so that would mean that double the number of students for limited number of seats, you can imagine the u underlying stress over the young minds.

The opposition tried to approach the Supreme Court again and supporting them were the Chief Ministers of various parties but at the same time they wanted the examination for government jobs to be conducted immediately.That is as strange as it sounds but its politics after all.The exams will be conducted and should be conducted but with utmost care and precautions because it’s the youth that will hold the pillars of the modern India and they cannot just be played with.

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