1. PUBG Mobile: The full form of PUBG is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. It is an online multi player battle royal shooter game which gives an amazing gaming experience. The concept of the game is up to hundred players get landed on an island with the help of parachute and searching for weapons, other types of equipment to kill others by saving their own lives. The safe area of the game map decreases with time and the survival of players become tough.The last player or team who stands wins the game. The main advantage of this game is it can be played with our friends as a team so this feature connects the youth . There is no doubt if a person starts playing this game , they will definitely get addicted to this. So this makes pubg to be in 1st place among all games in 2020.
  2. Candy Crush Saga : It is a free to play game which is loved by people of all ages from a small kid to old people. There are many levels in this game. The concept of this game is to swap colored candy on the game board and match the same colored candies of three or more. The game becomes more interesting when we move to further levels. The options like score,time, unique candies,lives etc gives a fantastic gaming experience and becomes an addiction. One should definitely give a try.
  3. Angry Birds: This game is very famous as we can see the stickers, toys about this . The concept of this game is the player uses a slingshot to launch angry birds at pigs located around various places. The goal of the player is to destroy all pigs in the field. As level gets increased, new types of angry birds with special features will be available. This game gives an amazing experience and one should give a try.
  4. Temple Run 2 : A small kid also know about this game. It is an endless runner game. It introduces new hurdles like mini tracks, water falls,jets of fire etc. It also consists of special power-ups, energy bar, collecting coins and getting encountered with treasure boxes etc. This gives an astonishing experience to the player.
  5. Subway Surfers: This is also very famous game and it is also an endless running game. In this game,the player has a choice of selecting the role of young graffiti artists who is running to escape from an inspector and his dog. By running, the player can collect coins, power-ups, some special gadgets simultaneously dodging with trains. There will be daily rewards, weekly rewards,keys,medals etc which makes the players to get addicted.
  6. Cooking Fever: This game becomes interesting once we start playing. The player plays the role of supplying different kinds of food items according to the requirement of customer. The food items has different process of heating, placing in oven ,grill etc. This game gives you a cool experience and one gets addicted if they start playing this

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