Rapes in India are increasing day by day even after the “nirbhaya” case in 2012,I don’t understand the fact that if a girl is standing anywhere whether on the road or bus stand why there is need to tease them look at them touch them why??.People fails to understand that they also have sisters,mothers in there home if you are doing this it might happen at your home also.

Terror is increasing day by day just because people are active. Rapist do more heinous crime of murdering the girls what devil they are?.How can you give so much pain to a innocent girl? what about her dreams?. Just because women are going out that doesn’t give right to anyone to harass,molest or rape them.

Understand that NO means NO!! women are not objects stop objectifying them.They are also Human.They can do what a human can do,They have right what a human possess.People say education is important, i have come across the cases of sexual harassment in corporate world.People are educated then why are they doing this??.

The answer is simple mentality!! the fact is not only women’s, men also get raped but at least girls do not murder them .Well i believe that Whether its a girl or boy nobody should go through this mental stress and embarrassment.

People used to blame girls that they wear short dresses,they go out at night,they drink and smoke but these things do not give anyone the right to rape.We all came across the news that these things do not play any role rapist do not leave anyone whether it is 8 month old girl or 20 or more than 40 whether its day or night whether they wear short dress or fully covered with clothes.

Victim blaming is the worst thing, people forget that victim is being raped he/she is already suffering but the rapist is out somewhere and will rape again.Instead of blaming victim blame the rapist for the crimes they are doing then only things will change in India. whether the rapist is girl or boy punishment should be same and it should be tough then and only then rapes will come to end.

And for those who put false accusation of rapes there should be punishment for misusing there rights. That is completely wrong.You are giving mental trauma to a person,we tends to ignore the mental health of persons, you just cannot misuse your rights.We need to understand that wrong is wrong irrespective of the gender.

The bottom line is that humans must respect human,nobody should mistreat with each other we need to respect the feeling of other gender,then only this world will become a better place, both should have the right to take their own decision.No one is superior than the other, both are equal.Girls can also be a engineer boys can also do household chores or they can be chefs too.Its completely normal.

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