COVID-19 Tests Are Mandatory During Pregnancy

From past 5 months, everyone is gripped with this pandemic situation. Each one of us is trying our best to clear this virus from root with every possible techniques. But still there chances of getting infected with this virus.

The ones who are having the high risk of getting infected with this virus are- the senior citizens, people with respiratory problems, pregnant women and children. As they have high risk, they have to follow certain guidelines.

Pregnancy: A Vulnerable State

Pregnancy is a state where women’s immunity tends to vary. It brings a lot of changes in a woman’s body. So they are at a greater risk of getting infected with this COVID-19 virus. So they have to follow certain precautionary measures.

If you are in your third trimester( more than 28 weeks of pregnant), you should be particular at maintaining social distance and minimizing with contact with others. If any symptoms like cough, headache, fever or breathing problems occur, go and visit your physician and take proper medicine regarding that. Pregnant women who are already suffering with pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure, breathing problems, should be extra careful with their health issues because you are nurturing a little life inside you.

Mandatory Testing During COVID-19

According to ICMR( Indian Council Of Medical Research), all pregnant women should undergo screening. This should be conducted in the health facilities, they are to deliver. All arrangements should be made for the testing. Along with the usual tests of pregnancy, testing of COVID-19 is very important. There are two kinds of tests are available-viral and anti-body tests.

Pregnant women are advised to under- go the tests of Covid-19 in their first week itself and should not wait for the last stage. The reason behind is that that they have high exposure to this virus due to regular hospital visit and they may also carry asymptomatic risk to their family members.

During 11-13 weeks of pregnancy, women can undergo the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that is the main reason for causing COVID-19. Health care centres may test nasopharyngeal swabs and quantitative polymerase chain reaction to know the COVID-19 infection in pregnant women and women who are going to have delivery. If these tests are carried out in the first trimester, you can avoid the further complications later on.

Safety Is The Main Priority

General precautions like washing your hands, sanitizing it regularly, disinfecting house , washing the items that has been brought from market, wearing masks, there are more certain measures for pregnant women to follow.

Still there is no information as such that transmission of COVID-19 from mother to the unborn child through placenta. But it is better to be safe-sided. Pregnant women who are suffering from health issues like cardio-vascular disease and diabetes must be extremely cautious. Prenatal care during COVID-19 is a must, daily vaccines like Tetanus, Diphtheria and flu vaccines are important to protect the baby from this pandemic situation.

As pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on expecting mothers, so they have to be very much careful. Regular testing, consulting with the gynaecologists will keep you updated with your health conditions. Long way short, always follow the guidelines of WHO as it is the only way to prevent this situation.


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