How P.R has changed in digital age

Public relation, it is an industry that has gone through many trails and tribulations throughout its lifespan, continuously being mistaken for something it. But while backlash and banter have tried to knock it down, PR has always come swinging, proving to the world how powerful and malleable of an industry it really is.

Digital PR has completely changed the way the industry runs. Results are more measurable and detailed, and the ability to share more content and interact with consumers is higher than ever before. So, at this point, we think it is pretty safe to say you can classify business into two distinct categories: those who practice digital PR and whose business is thriving as a result, and those who don’t, consequently falling behind their competitions.

Here are five industry hacks to help you learn. Keep scrolling down.

  1. Know that traditional PR does not mean bad PR: First things first: Recognize that while this is a digital age, traditional methods of conduction PR are not bad practice. Press releases, public service announcement and even media placements on television shows or radio slots can all be categorized under traditional PR. While there are a lot of ways to up the ante and digitize these types of traditional strategies, the fundamental purpose is the same: to distribute unique content and get results.
  2. Get noticed: it is not enough anymore to just put content out there and wait for people to digest it. Today, in order to be relevant, Google has to find you relevant. If you want Google to feature you on its first few pages, you have to work for it.  Optimize your website and content by adding keywords that define your business or the products and service you provide.
  3. Use social media and use it well:  Think of social media as an outlet for projecting your individual story to the world, giving outsiders a sneak peek into what you brand truly is. This means that simply having a social media profile these days is not enough. You can use your social media platforms not only to generate new and creative content for your followers but also as a promotional platform. You can also use this platform to tell your business stories in the way that amplifies your brand or develop personal relations with your followers.
  4. Build and maintain a kickass website:  one of the biggest changes digital PR brings with it is the necessity of building and maintaining a great website.  Basically, this means your site needs to have a unique an aesthetic design that visually amplifies your brand’s identity while giving people a reason to coming back. How you express your brand to your target audience with affect how they view you and whether or not they decide to develop or maintain a relationship with you.
  5. Be present everywhere:  Finally, in order to successfully ‘do digital PR’ you must be present everywhere-and we mean everywhere. Most consumers no longer direct their attention to one media source at once. TV placement, for example, is a form of PR coverage and obtaining it is great for your brand. So, the lesson here is if you are present everywhere, your brand has a much better chance of being visible to a wide variety of consumers, thereby amplifying your content, message and brand.

PR works it just works a little differently than it used to. It takes much more work than it used but because of that its success is multiplied that much more.

Great media coverage and deliverable results come from a successful, well-crafted campaign paired with the right website structure and engaging social media elements. Together, these components make the ‘perfect storm’ for your target market.

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