How to learn effectively and efficiently

 Imagine studying so hard for a test and ending up getting lesser marks than expected, that’s quite disappointing right? Each and every time we learn something new, it is important to learn it in an effective way. Focusing on the right points and methods can make us all memorize things very easily. It will also become easier for us to score more marks too.

Methods of studying can vary from student to student but the most common and reliable methods are mentioned below.

  • Learn at your own pace

Learning capacity for every single person is different from each other. Some people have the ability to memorize much more than others can possibly do. But don’t be afraid of that. Always take your time in learning but make sure to not waste your time too. Learn as much as your brain can take and do not stress over it because if you do there are higher chances that you might not recall what you have learned.  Learning Is a process that requires a lot of brain power, so never exhaust yourself in the process.

  • Make a time table

Always make a time table for your course of study so that you will be regular at it, it can be exhausting to follow a time table but if you really try, you would fall into pace very easily in a week or two’s time. When a time table is made, your brain functions accordingly, the body also knows that it is your time study. Studying then will become a habit and much easier too.

  • Getting proper sleep

A very important aspect of learning is getting proper sleep, students must make sure to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day to lead a healthy life. Proper sleep and food makes your body function properly, this way it will become easier for you to learn too.

  • Making notes

When attending a lecture, always make notes of what is taught in the class. When you listen to the teacher and write notes, it gets registered in your brain so that it will become easier to recall when you are revising.

  • Short notes

When reading a book or a study material, make short notes, use highlighters, little pop ups so as to learn easily. Making eye catching notes will make it easier for the brain to learn. Also in the process of making it we all also be revising. Carry this short note always with you, so that you can read through it whenever you are free.

  • Taking breaks

Taking breaks between studying makes studying more effective. It will make our brain function properly. It helps the brain cells arrange the important information and filter out what’s needed to be studied and not.

  • Always drink water and eat healthy food

During the times of exam or when your studying make sure to drink water regularly. Eating healthy food should be made a habit. When during exams avoid eating food from outside, so as to avoid any kind of food poisoning of any sorts.

  • Practice

Just like the quote ‘ practice makes a man perfect’, it is to be made a habit of practicing and writing down what is learnt every day. When you are regular at it, memorizing will be an easier.

  • Learning by experience.

Learning something by experience makes sure that we do not forget it, it is always better than simply memorizing it in our minds. When you experience something there are higher chances you might not forget it.