Men have a heart. They really Do!…

Just shut your eyes for a moment and imagine a man. What do you see? I’m sure you must be seeing a masculine body, strong personality and not any fat or weak person.
But why? Why it’s like this only? It’s because we’ve been how a man is portrayed and how a woman is portrayed, what are man things and what are women’s. Gender equality is actually a myth. So, people, there’s a day called Men’s day do exist. Does anybody know the date? I’m sure the number will be negligible, many of you must be getting to know that there’s a day like that now. So 19th November is World Men’s Day. We all remember and celebrate women’s day but on men’s day, there’s nothing. Now few will say, a man’s achievements cannot be celebrated in a day, so we don’t even celebrate or remember it.The society has built a typical stereotype about a man. A man needs to stay strong, he needs to take all the responsibility on his shoulders and most highlighted thing MEN CAN’T CRY.
Men do know that there are many expectations from them, to the society as well as their family. They try their level best to fulfil them. They work hard, give it all they have just to meet the expectations. But even after all the efforts, what if they fail? They can’t even speak up to anyone following the typical stereotype. They can’t even show the pain on their face as they always have to act MAN. They suffer deep inside, even depression eats them. But still, they don’t express anything and keep it buried inside. They always take it all on themselves just to keep their loved ones happy and safe.
Now do one thing, find a man around you, who’s smiling and laughing all day long, making people smile around. You must feel looking at him, wow I wanna be this happy. Now try to watch him when he’s alone and about to sleep. There you’ll find the real person, crying and mourning for all the scars life is giving him. They keep all the pain, sorrows inside and express in front of the pillow at night hiding it from the world.
And Yes! They do care but fail to express. The typical man thing makes them hide their emotions but deep down they really care. If anyone in the family is in trouble, maybe mother, daughter, wife or sister, a man will be always there for you. We speak out loud of gender equality but never act on it. They are still many who disrespect a man portraying themselves as a feminist. But one thing we all should remember that a woman completes a man and a man completes the woman. It takes a lot to be a man and they just need some affection in return. Go to your father, brother, husband or boyfriend, just hug them and say thank you, the typical man will melt in front of you. Believe me, a man is a human too. They too have a heart, they really do!…

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