Pseudo Feminism!…

A guy is guilty even if proven innocent, a girl is innocent even if she’s guilty. In the name of feminism, we all have lost gender equality concept. I’m not at all supporting men harassing women here. I know many men harass women in real-world as well as virtual. We must raise voice against it when something like this happens. But the bitter truth is men also get harassed by women. They are blamed for the sins they didn’t even commit. Men fall prey to false allegations at times. We’ve developed a mentality that only a man can be wrong every time. So these fake feminists use it as a weapon to harass men with dirty allegations. When it comes to judgement, women always get sympathy corner but not the men. But I say, nobody should crave for sympathy. For our judiciary system, men and women are equal, then who are we to put someone in victim’s place and other in criminal’s.
Now many will create hype misunderstanding my words. I’m not at all antiwomen. I believe in men and women equality by all kind. I too feel like demanding to shoot the rapists on-site when incidents such as Nirbhaya happens. Nobody has the right to slide into any women’s DM and flaunt their manhood. Unsolicited pictures and negativity on social media makes people weak nowadays. But then I see cases where a teenager was falsely alleged by a girl who then committed suicide as he couldn’t handle it. He was proven innocent when he was gone. Another incident where all the teenagers’ boys were blamed for the boys’ locker room, later got to know that it was a girl behind it. A guy in the capital was under false allegations. But he stood up for himself, took all the criticism, fought for years to get justice and finally was proven innocent. There are so many such cases happening around. Nowadays we see a new fad in the market. Pick a person, whether guilty or not and defame in social media, post stories, chat screenshots and gain unnecessary sympathy. This fad is way much dangerous. Even if the person is not guilty, they keep on receiving threats and hate messages. People don’t even give it a second thought before defaming them. I feel nobody has the right to defame anyone publically for the sake of sympathy followers. Fall for using a human card, let’s get judged on human basis and not on gender basis.
I saw a post on social media saying a day without men. But why anybody needs that? A man and women are meant to live together and happy. We ain’t going anywhere without each other. Supporting your own gender doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pull the other one down. Both the genders should get an equal amount of respect. Let’s keep our eyes and mind wide open before judging someone. Gender should not be the definition of innocence. Justice is for all, no matter what gender. If someone tries to take unnecessary advantage of their gender, then it’s our duty as a human being to stand together and fight out such mentalities.
Let’s stand out for equality as a human. Men and women are equal by all means. Both the genders should stand by each other when something wrong happens with one. Let’s stand for the right. Let’s not people take the unnecessary advantage of their gender. We all are equal as a human and we stand for truth and peace.

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